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Resident/Family/Friends Testimonials

I have lived at Golden Touch Adult Foster care for over 2 years. I lived here with my wife who had Parkinson's and required total care. We both needed a lot of help when we came here and the staff at Golden Touch did everything possible for me and my wife Emily, who has since passed away.

I am now in better health and able to live independently thanks to the great care I received. I miss everyone at Golden Touch Adult Foster care

Thank you for all you have done for me and my wife. Sincerely Virgil 

My wife Nancy is in the latter stage of Alzheimer's and has been living at Golden Touch Adult Foster Care for Several months. My family and I couldn't be more pleased with the care Nancy is receiving. A great deal of attention is being given to Nancy's personal hygiene, clothing and nutrition. I visit Nancy almost daily and she is always out of her room and with the others staying in the home. Nancy is always dressed in clean clothes, her hair done and a glass of water, juice or Ensure in her hand keeping her nourished and hydrated. After spending almost two years care-giving Nancy by myself my hats off to the great caregivers at Golden Touch for all the personal attention and care Nancy is receiving.

Thank you!

Dennis Stoner

My mother has been here for about 4 years. Care is loving and consistent. Care providers are consistent. Having an RN at the helm allows me to be a loving daughter.

Melanie Sauvain, MD

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